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Welcome to Herptileworld

My name is Bruce Maclean and this is my home site. It is designed to provide information about the two related services which I run:

Please click the appropriate link below for further information on either of these services.


About me

As you will have read, my name is Bruce Maclean. I am a qualified British Veterinary Surgeon (BSc(Vet Sci), B V M & S, MRCVS if you want the lot!), having graduated in 1992 from Edinburgh University. My background in exotic animals comes from a lifelong interest, including over 25 years experience in keeping and breeding a variety of reptiles and amphibians.

Following graduation, I also spent a period at the University of Utrecht in Holland, further studying the veterinary care of birds and exotic animals. After a short period in mixed veterinary practice, I have spent the last 12 years working as a full-time bird/exotic animal veterinary surgeon.

Site layout

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This site is undergoing ongoing construction and modification.

Thanks are due to Krista Salter for help with the construction of this site.
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